7 Risky, but Entirely Possible Public Places to Get Down and Dirty


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Aren’t you sick of climbing under unwashed covers on your creaky bed while your dog noses his way into the room to ruin the mood? Well, you don’t need to stick to getting dirty in the bedroom. In fact, you don’t need to stay in your house at all. Get a little adventurous by doing the deed in a public place. It sounds risky, because it is, but the adrenaline is what makes it so damn fun.

Just remember: Even though you’re doing it in public doesn’t mean the public should know. Try to keep your moans to a minimum. The love-making is supposed to be your sexy little secret. Here are the 7 public places you can get a little freaky:

1) The Bathroom

What does every restaurant, every bar, and every movie theater have in common? They all contain restrooms where you can rest your body against your partner. As unromantic as a cramped bathroom stall seems, it’s an awesome place to get dirty, especially if you’re nervous about getting action in a public place. You’ll have a door closing you off to the rest of the world, and if someone walks by, one person can lift the other so that only one pair of feet is seen beneath the stall.

2) A Changing Room

You’re supposed to get undressed in a changing room, so you shouldn’t feel weird when you shed your clothes. The mall is the best place to try this out, because you can scope out different stores to see which has the most accessible, private changing room. Once you find the perfect one, let loose. If there’s not a line of people waiting for you to get it in and out as quick as possible, then you could engage in a little foreplay by dressing up in revealing outfits you picked out for each other in the store. It’ll make the experience feel more like a fun game than a quickie.

3) Your Car

Find a place to park that’s far away from other cars, citizens, and most importantly cops. Once you do, put on some romantic music and enjoy your privacy. The backseat is the perfect spot for a girl to straddle a guy, especially if she has a skirt on for easy access. If you’re worried about looking suspicious by being in the back seat together, stay in the front seat and engage in some oral action.

4) A Friend’s Closet

If you’re stuck at a friend’s party, and can’t bear to engage in one more conversation about the economy, grab your mate and head to the nearest closet. It might be a little small, but with some flexibility, it should all work out. Once you’re finished, it’ll be easier to deal with your fellow partiers. If anyone asks where you’ve been, tell them you were just stretching your legs.

5) A Park

As long as you steer clear from poison ivy and animals, the park is a great place to show your wild side. Find a secluded spot where you’re shielded by trees, and unable to be seen by others. If you bring a blanket along, you can rest on the ground without worrying about ruining your clothes. Otherwise, you can stay standing. Either way, make sure you check your hair for leaves before you return to civilization. No one else needs to know what an animal you are.

6) A Movie Theater

Comfy seats, a romantic film, and a dark room—what else could you ask for? More people get frisky in theaters than you’d think, but you should still be extra careful if you choose to try it. Make sure that you’ve chosen an empty area, because you don’t want to ruin a movie that others paid for by moaning over the dialogue. Pick a spot in the back row, and keep an eye out for others. If the theater ends up packed, you can always move it to the bathroom.

7) A Photo Booth

This location is only for the brave. If you’re at an arcade (that’s not meant for children) or a mall, hop into an empty photo booth and close the curtain. As long as you make it look like you’re trying to snap pictures, no one should disturb you. Just don’t put money in the machine, unless you want some scandalous photos to stick in your album.

Never let your love life get stale. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, they’ll always be something new to try. You just have to be adventurous enough to go for it. Now, what are you waiting for?

Holly Riordan | News Cult