OpenTable Launching Meal Pay Plan in 20 Cities

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.39.51 PM

Waiting for something as mundane as your dinner check is so last year, right? Apparently it is. In a world where nobody wants to wait for anything, people who frequent restaurants will no longer have to wait for their actually bill to come. OpenTable, the app we all know and love for making restaurant reservations quick and easy is expanding their reach a bit.

The app will now offer restaurant-goers a quick and easy way to pay the check through a new feature on the app. The company initially launched the pay-from-your-phone service in San Francisco, California as a pilot program but has now announced that they plan to expand the service to 20 new cities before 2015, including New York.

It’s not surprise that the feature was added to the app because of the fierce compete from companies such as Square and Dash getting a leg up on pay-from-your-phone service. However, the company, that’s already used by millions, may edge out the competition simply because of its already established presence.

OpenTable has already partnered with 45 restaurants in the New York City area as part of the launch. The feature is now available for iOS and will soon become a staple on Android phones as well.


[via The Verge]